Tuesday, October 22, 2013

High impact marketing with promotional pens

High-Impact Marketing With Promotional Pens

The advertising and marketing world is full of many tricks of the trade all in the name of brand recall, purchase decision timing, the A.I.D.A. formula (attention-intention-decision-action), and many others. One of the more underrated marketing tactics is one that had been around for years and had been relatively successful, given its comparative low cost: promotional pens.

In todays business world increasingly dominated by the Internet, the marketing tactic of using promotional pens is still a success in securing customer loyalty. Surprisingly, too, it had been quietly doing repeat business all on its own. Small wonder now that this is rediscovered by many businessmen who want to incorporate printed pens (promotional pens) into their marketing plan for the year.

Just to enliven things up, some marketing men also concocted a new catch phrase to name their business strategy: high-impact marketing with promotional pens. From the looks of it, the strategy is the same, only the name is different.

Attracting the Attention
As had been all these years, the use of promotional / printed pens is one perfect approach in marketing a brand. Light and handy, portable and easy, these pens are a sellout (so to speak) with the crowd.

Some people notice your company name right away, and some may put it inside their purses or bags or some other safe place for later use. It is when they will use it to write something that the impact marketing starts to work. It does not matter whether people look at company particulars on the pen right away.

Crowd standout
Since many had rediscovered promotional pens, there seems to be a stiff competition a-brewing in the business world.

At this stage of the game, factors such as budget, color, logo designs, motifs or concepts, and others are to be considered when making the next marketing strategy. The final arbiter would be how it will fare with the clients and whether it can be a standout in a sea of promotional pens or whether it will be a dud.

Of course, one would like to know the amount of feedback and brand recall it can generate among the potential customers.

One definite point made is that promotional pens are better than plain paper flyers, no matter how well-designed and well-executed those might be. The rational is that flyers do not have any more use after being read. They are thrown away, unlike the pen which has a second life as a writing device.

As in all things in business, its all budget, budget, and more talks about the budget. Starting with the number of pieces all the way to the costs in design and its execution, promotional pens need to be decided and decided well.

You may come up with the simple biro style pens all the way to the high-end Parker type pens. For the top executives and other corporate clients, status pens will be used and the lower end clients will have to make do with cheaper options.

In the end, what really matters most in business, especially at first contact, is creating the right impressions. One way to achieve this is using promotional pens relatively cheap, and has a good recall quality among recipients.

Whatever advertising jargon they are using now, the humble pen is metamorphosing into a key marketing tool. Business people are opting for more ways on how to use promotional pens in their next marketing campaign. That could be the meaning of high-impact.


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