Tuesday, October 22, 2013

High gas prices got you down fun things to do close to home this summer

High Gas Prices Got You Down? Fun things to do Close to Home this Summer!

22 Things Fun Things You Can Do Close to Home and Avoid the High Cost of Gas this Summer!



Summer Fun - Beat the High Cost of Gas and Stay Close to Home

I love Springtime; its my favorite time of the year. Its fun just to sit on the porch and drink a glass of fresh lemonade and listen to the birds sing. Nature seems to bounce into new life as it beacons us all to a new beginning. But soon it is over and then comes Summer. Yea for summer! School is out and there are lots of things to do. What may be fun for some might not be fun for others. But let me give you some ideas on those long summer days when the sun is scorching and a glass of lemonade is just not going to be enough to do the trick.

Although my favorite part of nature is the ocean, and I often hear it calling me in a soft voice, calling C-i-n-d-yeeeee, C-i-n-d-y----eeeeeeee, I know that because of the high price of gas, many people will be looking for alternatives closer to home if they dont live close to the ocean. I have to go to Daytona Beach, Florida, however. at least once or maybe even Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.



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