Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hidden social personality development

Hidden Social Personality Development

Did you ever wonder why you could not overcome certain problems? Did you spend a lifetime trying to figure out who you are? Dont feel alone. Because this is a common problem, that many people face and often question themselves every day.

Understanding the structure of the mind can help you find answers to your problems. First, lets step inside the subliminal mind. We can use metaphors to help you understand. Think of a top shelf that is mounted onto other shelves below it. On the top shelf is the subliminal mind. This shelf has variants. The variants branch out to the unconscious mind where hidden messages reside. The concealed messages sometimes cause unintentional actions or thoughts to develop. In some instances however, the unintentional feels stressed and attempts to signal the conscious mind so that it can figure out what is missing.

On this top shelf, the subconscious mind has needs. When a shelf is empty it stands out, yet when that shelf has dcors that make it more attractive, it is often pleasing to the eye. What this means is that the subliminal or subconscious mind needs your attention. Sure, standing out from the rest makes it unique, but being different Think about this for a moment. What does being different mean to you? Do you accept differences? We know that throughout history differences has lead to prejudice, hate, anger, doubts, and fear.

Now think about hidden for a moment. Picture it. Think of yourself in a group of people and everyone is corresponding, yet no one in the crowd recognizes you. No one in the crowd even acknowledges your existence. How would you feel?

Leaving the subliminal mind open and feeling alone will only increase your problems. This means that you must explore this area of the mind to reveal the hidden messages that move you to social and personality development. Because the subliminal mind stands atop of the unconscious mind, meaning that below the subconscious is the unconscious mind, you also want to become familiar with this area of the brain.

Start adding decors to the shelves. It is pointless to own shelves and leave them empty. Adding dcors will harmonize the shelves so that they have a friend. Do the same with your subliminal and unconscious mind. Join them so that they become friends. This is the first step to joining the two areas of the brain with the conscious mind.

Dont think that you are going to accomplish this task overnight. It takes a great deal of time to accomplish this goal. So set your goal now and start working toward unity with all the areas of the mind.

The conscious mind is aware, yet it is robbed of total awareness because the unconscious and subliminal compartments house bits and pieces of stored information that emerges from our experiences, knowledge, past events and so on.

Self-advancement is a long-abiding formation. Since the process involves subliminal and unconscious learning, we must strive to continue social and personality development. Finding ways to fortify the mind is easy today. We have offers to enjoy many natural techniques, including guided relaxation. This task is accomplished through yoga, or meditation and other natural practices.

Meditation is ultimately the better choice, yet combining the technique with yoga will enrich your experience in social and personality development. Combining the two natural techniques will help you through the process of exploring the subliminal, conscious and unconscious mind. Your strength will spread out, which helps you to deal with the weaknesses, by finding ways to strengthen them. Ultimately, you will stay strong.


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