Monday, October 21, 2013

High blood pressure and your heart

High Blood Pressure And Your Heart

Hypertension can be detrimental to many body organs and functions. It has particularly damaging effects on the heart. Read on for more.

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Hypertension can wreck havoc on many body organs. Its effects on the heart are especially damaging. High blood pressure and heart disease are closely connected.

Moderate to high blood pressure significantly increases the load on the left side of the heart. Arterioles are often diseased or constricted, which increases resistance to blood flow. When this happens, the heart has to work much more to pump blood into the arterial system including the aorta.

When any muscle is overused, it tends to increase in size and bulk. The heart muscles react the same way. An enlarged heart is a sign of trouble.

Heart enlargement can be detected in several ways. A chest x-ray can reveal it. So can an electrocardiogram or even a physical examination.

In many high blood pressure patients, the walls of the left ventricle thicken. This increases the workload on the heart. Eventually, the heart falters and the left side of the heart no longer pumps bloo


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