Monday, October 21, 2013

High blood pressure reduction measures

High Blood Pressure Reduction Measures

Adding exercise to this change in diet can improve the blood pressure reduction.

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High blood pressure is a major health problem that affects many people - a lot of which don't even realize that they have it. Often, people are told that changes in their diet and exercise habits are enough to control blood pressure, without the use of medication. This is especially helpful for people with mild to moderate blood pressure levels.

Reducing your sodium intake is one of the most important factors in reducing your blood pressure level. Those affected with high blood pressure often claim that reducing their sodium intake reduces their blood pressure as well. It is important to learn which foods are high in sodium and limit your intake or avoid them all together.

Eating more fruits and vegetabls and even some grains increases your intake of important vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Studies suggest that people with a diet high in these foods and low in fats can reduce blood pressure in a small, but significant way.

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